Thursday, January 15, 2015

We missed Eric last night, who went home ill after class. (Hope you got my message, Eric. Oh, and call me about Family tourney thingie that Ken brought to my attention.)

Let's recap what we did:

Kihon. Again working on kahanshin. The drills we focused on included men-men - no extra steps, you get two cuts with kahanshin! Also, men-tai-atari-men and just men-tai-atari; again, focusing on hitting with the guts and not the chest and stiff arms. Everybody did great.

Then we worked a few rounds on tokui ("favorite") waza - any waza you wanted or situation. Some of the areas where I worked with people included fighting for control while in tsuba-zeriai, cutting straight out of sonkyo in shiai, and some weird nito thing!

Last, we agreed we were all pretty fired up from Cleveland and wanted to work more on competitive kendo. I suggested the best way to get better at shiai was to get beat up. So, we had ten bogu people, we did ten rounds of jigeiko, minute and a half each, with the admonishment to "fight like hell." I'm proud of Eastern, you guys showed game for those ten rounds and good kiri-kaeshi at the end.

Also, most of us stuck around for kata practice, something I personally would like to do more of. Let's work on it whenever we can and you advanced people let's find time to work on it outside of regular practice sessions (you know, with all that free time we have laying around).

So, great practice, guys. But remember, when I say, "WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?!" don't leave me hanging or give me a wimpy reply!

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