Thursday, January 15, 2015

This year's Cleveland tournament was a great success. Eastern kendo did extremely well at promoting our kendo to dojos from a different federation. The team matches were great and we succeded in getting by University ofChicago to be defeated by NYC Kendo. It was great to see everyone there. The best thing for me about the tournament was seeing Troy, Jack and David fighting with adults in the mudansha division. Troy got through his first opponent as well with great kendo. A big congratulations to Troy and David for getting third place in their division. Way to go guys. Also, congrats to Soo for passing her shodan exam. Good job everyone. As for shimpanning, this years tournament was pretty easy to judge with good solid kendo from everyone participating. The tournament was extremely long however, over 12 hours, and that did not make very many people happy, but it was still a great day for kendo and a great event for Eastern. See you at practice.

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