Thursday, January 15, 2015

This year the tournament was great. I felt very good with my jodan at this event and had pretty good success again. Apparently though, my hiki waza is improving as well, beacause this is the second straight tournament that I have scored an ippon from tsubazereai. I scored with a hiki gyaku do on Akamatsu san after she felled me with a shot to the groin area. I really have not had that happen ever before and went down hard and fast. Kan sensei then helped me out and all was well. As for jodan, I did feel confident and went up against last year's champion in the second round. The match was good, I thought that I scored a kote on him but only one flag, the play for control was very strong and as soon as I started thinking again he got my kote. From that point on it was too much thought and he got a kote nuki men on me and ended the match. Overall I was pretty happy with the two matches. The highlight of the day though was the godo geiko when I went against Tagawa sensei. I started in chudan, out of respect and then went into jodan. He really helped me with my kote and I managed to get his kote, becasue he let me of course, and then I was destroyed. It was amazing and after the tournament I spoke with him about jodan and he helped me continue to develop and work on the kamae with more confidence. This I am extremely happy about and look forward to working with Tagawa sensei to practice this kamae more in the future. Until next time. See you at practice. Cheers!

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