Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is just a quick post to let Eric and some others know that I am able to log in to the blog and create posts. Thanks for the invite, Abbey-sensei!

As some of you know I am a san-dan and an "assistant coach" of the EMU club. It's gonna be a great year - every year has been a great year for this club because we have always had such a fine group of folks and are privileged to be in the vibrant Michigan kendo community, the "family" as we call it.

Here's a little something interesting about new year's kendo resolutions. Every year I write down on a piece of paper something I want to concentrate on and tuck it into my nafuda. I think about that piece of paper when I practice and replace the maxim annually. This year, I have decided that my resolution is:

ichi gan, ni soku, san tan, shi riki

which means "first the eyes, then the feet, third 'guts,' last strength," if I'm translating that right. This is an old kendo saying. Matsuura-sensei of Battle Creek drew my attention to it after he watched one of my shiai. He said there were opportunities for ippon that I did not see, that I was sticking too closely to my patterns of attack, trying the same waza, and that I should learn to use my eyes more. So, I have been trying to keep sensei's advice in mind ever since.

A note to some of you mudansha reading this: while this is good advice, don't let it contradict what we keep telling you about attack, attack, attack. Don't spend too much time thinking and looking for openings - at this stage, you must attack, attack, attack in jigeiko.

Anyway, let's have a great year! *rei*

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