Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Annual Detroit Tournament, or, "Valentine's Day Massacre"
By Charlie

Guys, sorry it's been so long since we (I) updated the blog. I wanted to let you know that despite the awful weather and roads, practice is still happening every Tuesday from 7-9:00 at Warner Hall. Last week's Above and Beyond Award goes to Mike Hemstadter, whose 20 minute commute after practice was.... two hours. Ya gotta love 23 sometimes. Thank you, Mike.

All right, the big news is that the annual Detroit Tournament is February 14. Testing is that weekend also. If you are interested in participating in the tournament and testing, and I hope you are, you need to:

1) See me and get your dues in by end of January. We're getting the proper dues forms still but I will have all info.

2) Download or obtain from me or Eric or representative of Detroit kendo the tournament entry form. Fill it out and send it in with entry money ASAP.

3) If you want to test, you must see Eric,-sensei, get his permission and have him sign your form. You have to mail this in with entry money ASAP also.

The forms for items 2 and 3 are downloadable here.

Hope to see you all soon, hope you are well in all your endeavors. Practice is still happening at our sister club at U of M. We'll also be visiting Detroit on Thursdays and Saturdays so stay in touch with me or Eric about those opportunities.

Oh, yeah, and I haven't even mentioned that BRENDAN ERIC ABBEY came into the world last week. At this rate, EMU Kendo may have enough for TWO kids teams!!

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