Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank you to everyone for helping to create such a great tournament again this year. It was another resounding success, with a very smooth flow to the day. Everyone had a geat time and hopefully we all learned something about our kendo too. As for Eastern, nice work throughout the day. Congratulations goes to Ken Ichiki, who claimed the shodan/nidan championship, Jack Ponchart, who claimed second place in the Junior division and Amy Dawson who acheived third place in the Women's division. Overall everyone fought well and I was proud to be a part of Eastern Kendo once again. I must say thank you to Joe and UofM for their help supplying things, setting up and tearing down. The tournament would not have been able to happen without you. Also, to Tagawa sensei and Detroit kendo for suplying the flags and stopwatches. The results are as follows:

Junior Division 16 and Under:
1st place Akamatsu Detroit
2nd Place Ponchart Eastern
3rd place

1st place Akamatsu Detroit
2nd place Vanderhoof UofM
3rd place Dawson Eastern

1st place Hill Battle Creek
2nd place Akamatsu Detroit
3rd place Morabito UofM
3rd place Palmer MSU

1st place Ichiki Eastern
2nd place Yamauchi Detroit
3rd place Tanabe Detroit
3rd place Kim MSU

Sandan and up:
1st place Matsuura Battle Creek/Grand Rapids
2nd place Murakami Detroit
3rd place Takahashi Detroit

Thanks to everyone for coming to a great event. See you on the floor. Cheers!

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