Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank you all for coming to tuesday's practice it was a good chance to have a team practice for Cleveland. I hope that everyone is preparing for the Cleveland tournament and the Family Tournament. The annual Family tournament has been set for Saturday May 13th at the Practcie space of Eastern Kendo. This is our third year hosting this event for all of Michigan Kendoists to get a chance to participate in a tournament. I also visited Detroit's practice on wednesday to practice with Tagawa sensei and Sugawara sensei(visiting from Indianapolis). This practice was a great chance to work on suriashi drills and striking from your tanden. It was extremely interesting to slow everything back down to the basics and realize how much everyone really has to learn. This sunday is the All Michigan Practice at MSU. I hope to see as many people from Eastern there as possible. See you on the floor. Cheers!

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