Thursday, January 15, 2015


We have continuously been working on being positive in our kendo and last practice was no different. The focus was on making every cut with sutemi and with compassion. I demonstrated the theory from jodan and continued to work on this thought process with my waza. I am also playing with different methods of cutting from jodan. "Flinging" the shinai is a newer version and worked effectively in Jigeiko. The beginning of the year seems to find everyone well and the club continues to grow. The class has an enrollment of 13 students and all have remained in the class. This is also a great sign for Eastern Kendo. The more new people the higher the retention rate. As those of you who have university clubs know, retention is one of the most difficult things for kendo. Anyway, some more thoughts on jodan, the limitations of the kamae really force development of seme and maai and when students begin to "figure" the defense out it is extremely challenging for me to respond. To be honest I haven't felt this way since beginning kendo and it is one of the great things about taking jodan fully. Enough rambling., back to keiko. Cheers!

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