Thursday, January 15, 2015 - a kendo equipment retailer to check out!
I know most of us have had good experiences buying kendo equipment from e-Bogu, Eguchi, Mugendo, Kendoshop and others, but I want to introduce you to a kendo supplier that's not new but new to me,

We are becoming an affiliate marketer with, which means if you click the link above and buy something, we'll get a percentage of the sale above a certain amount. We'll add this link to the blog and to our main page as well.

Truthfully, I would encourage you to click over and check out the company's inventory anyway, since I feel it is important to support all of these suppliers, which are a valuable part of the national and international kendo community as well as businesses. Here, for example, is a standard beginner's shinai I'd like to try.

We'll be getting some samples of OnlineKendo's stuff and we'll let you know our experiences with them. For now, we just say, Welcome,!

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