Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not Goodbye but "See You Later"
Well, guys, we're losing Amy Dawson as you know. She's been with EMU kendo for... gosh, five years or more? And in that time I for one have gotten to know her well. She's going to be missed, she was/is a vital part of this club. But she done gradjumutated and they's making her leave collij. She's moving out toward her folks and will be practicing with MSU. An Eagle to a Spartan! And from there, who knows!

There's an old kendo saying. "If you keep doing kendo, you will see me again." I hear people, even people from very far away, say this at seminars and, to me, it's very true. We're all on the kendo road and the faces become very familiar, transcending individual dojo or even countries.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we've always been proud of Amy's perseverance and fighting spirit. This morning, our last asa gaiko together for a while, was a perfect illustration: we had a harsh sanpon-shobu, during which I smashed her hand up pretty good trying for kote (sorry!). She had a good bruise on its way when she left practice - on her way to work, where she must SEW with that hand, and then to a gig later on playing sax with her quintet, again, with a busted up hand. (Ugly Mug, 8:00, Ypsi, if anyone can make it!)

But that's just like Amy, to wince and keep striving, keep fighting. Ganbare, Amy! We will see you again.

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