Thursday, January 15, 2015

MWKF 2010 Recap

Well, what can I say, except what a phenomenal weekend. The Eastern Kendo Club Hosted the event and it went without a hiccup at all! I can not even believe that I am saying that. Talk about a smoothly ran event, wow. We should all pat ourselves on the back and realize how much work we all did to make this happen. Jack took home second place in the youth division and Fukuma sensei took home third in the san dan and up division. On top of that Eastern A took home Second Place in the teams. This has never happened before and was a great showing. Personally, this is the best I have ever done as a team and it is because the tournament went so well that it was easy to compete withuot stess. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. So, I will try to recount all of the matches, if you want to add please feel free. Anyone can comment on any part of the day. That is what this is for.

The team consisted of, in order: Engling, Ponchart (younger), Abbey, Kondek, Fukuma

The first team we faced was MSU B. We started with a hikiwake and then followed up with one point from Ponchart for the win. It was then that I faced Dawson from MSU. Many of you already know that she started at Eastern and it sucks to fight your student. I took two points for the win as well. Then Charlie was up and hikiwake again. We were up 2-0 and Fukuma sensei was on. He got one point and we were through to the next round. The next round, as the brackets told me, would probably be our hardest team. We faced Choyokan from Chicago. Now, this was momentus for me because, along with MSU, Choyokan and Sakamoto sensei were the first dojo's that I practiced with. So, we were up against some tough competition. I was facing Okada san, who I have fought at last year's midwest tournament. We went down one match and then Ponchart got two points so we were 1-1 but one point up. The match with Okada was great and I managed to get one point on him for the win. Then Kondek was up and he managed to hikiwake with Hori sensei (rokudan). That's right Charlie came through with the match of the day. Hikiwake with a rokudan. Fukuma sensei was up next and we were through to the court finals against UW/Minnehaha. What a match. So we are now up against a team that I think that we can beat. The first match we go down and then Ponchart comes through again to tie it up. Next, I face Stronarch and scored my favorite waza men, morote kote right off the bat. We needed a point so now we are up. Then I managed to oshiotoshi his shinai out of his hands out of tsubazareai and hit men. I thought that this would score since the timing was part of my waza but it was fine. I managed then to socre another men morote kote and we were up 2-1 then. Kondek gets up and gets another point for us and then Fukuma sensei scores as well. We were through to the finals. Man what a feeling. Can't describe it. Individually I have been there, but as a team meant so much. Damn. Anyway, first up Engling goes down to Hill by two points. So it is up to Ponchart again to make it up. Now, I see that we probably could make one loss up but it would be tough. Jack takes Chaffin down to the wire and then loses one point at the end. We are down 2-0 and I am up against Matsuura sensei. Now, I think right away, do not let him score do. The match is tight but I know he is keeping me inside because that is his strategy against me so I finally get him outside and as he is coming in I hit morote men and score. This is the first ippon I have got on him. It felt great. So now I just have to hold. Well, I start thinking and what do you know, hiki gyaku do. Ippon. We end up at hikiwake and it is now up to Charlie and Fukuma to save the day. Charlie is up against Mack and he gets two points right away, hell yes. So we are 2-1 and they are up on points. Fukuma needs two for us to tie. He is against Yoshida sensei and manages to lose one point. We take home the silver but what a match and what a day. Thanks to everyone that was a part of it. First timers, add your stories as comments. I want to hear about all of your matches. See you on the floor.

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