Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last night we had Fox-sensei and Wendy from MSU join us for practice. Thank you to everyone for giving their all with the visitors here. We continued to work on aspects of striking from the tanden and using positive waza. We also worked on some issues in jigeiko. Fox-sensei stated that there are at least three forms of jegeiko and we should be aware of who we are practicing with and adjust accordingly. This does not mean to go weaker, but to keep in mind and "guide" whomever you are practicing with. Also, remember to keep working on positive kendo. I know all of this seems like a great deal of information, but if you continue to practice hard, and correctly these issues will begin to seem easier to understand. Remember the All-michigan practice coming up, and the Family taikai around May 20th. Most importantly, be sure to let me know by next week about the Cleveland tournament. See you all at the next practice.

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