Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kihon Waza Continued
Just a recap of what we did last night during practice. We focused on doing a brisk warmup, taking advantage of the cooler weather, where we worked on the four basic seme waza (men, kote, doh and tsuki) in uchikomi, focusing on large movements. We used tsuki without the fumikomi as a way to bridge into doing the basic strikes without the fumikomi, keeping an eye out for how the maai changed between each strike.

Then for the second part of the practice we used the Kihon waza drills introduced by Eric-sensei last week in bogu to tie everything together, and introduce the idea that these waza drills have an immediate application in shiai-geiko. We reviewed the first four drills, the 1) basic seme-waza, 2) kote-men, 3) harai-men, and 4) hiki-doh. Hopefully by placing the same principles covered in uchikomi into these waza drills helped make the context of each strike and how they are interrelated more clear.

We finished by having 20 minutes of "king of the hill", with 2 minute rounds of ippon-shobu, where the winner kept fighting until unseated by a challenger.

It was great to see Amy again and practice with her, hopefully we will see her again soon!

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