Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jodan in Detroit

This year at the Detroit tournament I was very happy with my jodan work. While I lost to my first opponent I did manage to score men which had the crowd in awe due to the fact that I was fighting Sandy Maruyama from team USA. I will never forget that ippon. It was a great feeling to even be in the same shiajo with him. On to the team matches, we did extremely well again this year and advanced to one spot before the court final. My jodan was very helpful again in accomplishing this. The highlight for me this year was scoring a men morote kote to bring the match back to a tie. I then proceeded to compete in the tie break Ippon shobu and lost to a hiki do. Man, that was upsetting but it was a great point and a deserving win. I would like to strongly thank Sugawara sensei for continually teaching me jodan in everything that he does. Argia sensei, from Ohio, also complimented my strength in jodan which left me with an extremely great feeling. all in all it was a great tournament. Cheers!

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