Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jodan in Cleveland
To reflect on this past weekend's tournament let me begin by saying that everyone that participated was great. I was lucky enough this year to face another nito kendoist in my first match. It was great to have the opportunity to face someone new using nito. I scored a kote nuki men for the first point and then another men from there. It was great to face a strong kendoist and come away with a two point victory. I was then up against Onitsuka san and the fight was very competitive and balanced. I thought that I had him and was fairly confident in the way the match was going. As soon as I thought about that I went for kote and he scored with a kote nuki men. This has become the downfall for me and I really need to work on getting my kote a bit faster. The team matches were great because I got to fight alongisde my jodan sensei Sugawara sensei. He was gracious enough to be our chuken and we got through our first opponenet. I did what I could and tied the match to put us through on points. Then we faced Shidogaukiun DC and I was up against Kamata Sensei. He was extremely hard to face but, after he socred hiki do I was able to get a kote from him and it was great to score another kote in a tournament. Until the Family tournament. Thanks to Cleveland for hosting a great event. Cheers!

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