Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jodan at the Family tournament

So this year's tournament was great and I felt that my jodan was ok. I was up against Takashima sensei first and have never fought him before. The match was tight and the balance was also pretty well towards the center. At one point he tried to strike men and missed and I stepped in and he fell to the ground. This then caused him to be a bit rattled. After that I thought that I could easily hit men, but he stood firm and finally, I saw an opening, but he threw tsuki and I hit men. Well, my men landed and the tsuki missed. I was through to the next roudn. The next round was against Murakami sensei, who is a dear frined of mine and someone that I would loev to land just one point on. The match was tight and I did not fall for how I had lost in the past by him freezing me. He finally landed kote on me but it was a great fight. Afterward, we had a great conversation about jodan and the godo keiko was great. Till next year. See you on the floor.

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