Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jodan At Detroit 2009
What a great year for the Detroit tournament. After being out of practice (out of shape) because of Brendan coming into the world I was very concerned about my Jodan showing up this year. The individual matches saw me matched up against Matsushita sensei (7 dan) and, if I made it Tani sensei from Detroit. If you have never fought against Tani sensei, I can just say one word, damn. The man has good kendo. Anyway, My first match I intended to dominate from the start because what else can you do from Jodan. It worked and I controlled the match from the beginning. Matsushita sensei's attack was even controlled a little by my seme but I could not find a way to score. Until, I pulled my, now go to waza, men morote kote and scored ippon. It was a great feeling and Matsushita sensei just smiled and shook his hand. I continued on to win the match and was immediately, with no break, up against Tani sensei. Now the no break thing is usually no big deal for me, but I have been out of practice (shape) and it showed. I held my own against Tani sensei and I thought I had at least one men on him, but it was not called. I was told later that my hasugi was a bit off on the strike, again out of practice. He got a hiki men on me when I let my guard down and the match was over. I hate losing out to hiki waza but what can you say. As for the team matches, my stamina was drained. The first match had me up against my old student Amy Dawson. Sugawara sensei was training her how to fight up to the moment before the match and she was a great opponent. Then we were up against Battle Creek. I was up against someone new that I should have wiped the floor with but my mental stamina was down and he got my kote at a lapse. It was not one of my finer fights but the overall day was great. Another Detroit tournament down, this is now there 11th and I have been to every one of them. It is great to see how many people turn out and to really test my jodan at the 4 dan and above level. I am always honored to be at that level and fight with so may great kenshi. Ippon is always the goal and now it is on from there. More practice. Cheers!

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