Thursday, January 15, 2015

I just wanted to write some items and ideas about testing. The Detroit taikai is coming up and so is the test for kyu through yon-dan. For those of you testing please take the time to consider some of the following items. These will also be discussed during practice but this is just to get my thoughts out. The biggest thing about testing is to do your kendo and nothing else. I know this seems like a simple philosophy and concept but when you get in front of the judges something happens that distracts you from your own kendo. The idea for me is that if your sensei says that you are ready to test than you should not worry about doing or trying new things or different waza in the test, just do the same strong clean kendo that you do in practice. If after the test you can truly say you did your kendo to the best of your ability, I believe that you will pass. Even if you do not pass at least you can hold your head up and be proud that you did your best. In testing I often see people getting locked together and forced to do the aite's kendo. This will lead to a failure every time, regardless of what test you are taking. Be confident that you are at the level that you are testing at and do your kendo without thinking. The other items involved with testing involve not worrying about the test and just being yourself. Before the gigeiko breathe deeply and center your ki so that you are prepared for what is to come. The first men cut can make or break your entire test so do it well. Be confident and show your true kendo. All in all, try to enjoy the test as much as possible and learn from whatever the outcome is. Remember, that if you pass you are just at the beginning stages of that rank and have until the next test to learn everything it is about that rank. See you all at practice. Cheers!

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