Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hottest Practice yet
Thank you to everyone that came out to last night's 98 degree practice. We practiced the boktou kendo kihon waza and were still exhuasted and sweating afterward. I wanted to reiterate a bit on these forms. First they are completely different from kata. Please consider these as practcie for shiai and not a perfect form. The reason for this is that, I believe, they were created to give people an opportunity to fine tune their shinai kendo not to offer another strict form based practice. Kendo no kata is for perfect timing and pressure, these are for learning and practicing exactly like you had a shinai. Also, if you do not finish the cut you are being detrimental to both yourself and your motodachi. I hope you are ok Ken. : ) Anyway, these forms have been recently implemented and I believe are beneficial for slowing your kendo down and figuring out some finer points but please do not confuse them with kendo no kata. Thanks again for everyone who made it out. See you next week.

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