Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say what a great time I had at the tournament and test over the weekend. It was a great success for Eastern kendo. This is the first time we really had a plan going in and accomplished every part of that plan. I want to say congratulations to everyone that passed their shodan test. Horiguchi-san, DeBruhl-san and Wakabyashi-san all did extrememly well in their test. For those who did not pass you did your best kendo and should be proud of that as well. The biggest congratulations goes to Perry(William) for winnig 3rd place in the mudansha level. This is great for Eastern kendo. The tournament was a great succes for the team matches as well with Eastern A getting to fourth place and the court final. This was a great thing to be a part of. Thanks to everyone that came out in support as well. From the youngest kendoist to the oldest, everyone had a great time because of your support. It was great to look up between shinpanning to see the large crew of Eastern and UofM folks there in support. Another thing, because of my shinpanning responsibility I do not get a chance to see most of your fights. I think this is bad but am glad you all support one another and was gald to hear details from other people about your fights. In every tournament there are winners and losers and, as Ebihara-sensei stated, no one can lose if they did their best. Tournaments are about meeting people who love kendo as much as you do and we made a great impression and had a great time. We really demonstrated the aspect of compassion, strength and honor. Thanks again to everyone. Hopefully pictures will be available soon. See you all at practice. Cheers!

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