Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello All,

We had a great time at MSU with all of the Michigan kenshi. Thanks goes out to MSU for hosting and Tagawa sensei for leading the practice. I must say that slowing the cuts down to the extreme basics with suriashi is extremely difficult and your real kendo comes out. For myself, this has been a great way to figure out what I still need to work on. It is really amazing to see a hachidan do the basic cuts so perfectly that you are embarrased to be doing the kendo that you are doing. I know that this is what is supposed to happen but when you slow it down it becomes so much clearer that we all have a long way to go. Thanks to everyone from Eastern that went, I hope that you got a chance to practice with new people. Also, it is pretty amazing to me that Michigan Kendo has grown so much in only one year. It was great to see everyone. I hope that everyone can make it to the Family Tournament which is on Sat. May 13th. Forms are on the website. See you all on tuesday. Cheers!

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