Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello all, Last week we were working on tsuki and the concept involved with it. I just wanted to add more information and thoughts on the subject. I am also writing this to say that I will not be at practice tonight in order to spend time at home. Anyway, tsuki is an extrememly important waza that can lead into a great many things in kendo. The most important part of this waza is to be confident in completing the cut. Like everythig else in kendo seme is the key. If you hesitate or think too much the cut will be off target. I strongly believe that tsuki is one of the most difficult things to hit, not because of the mechanics, but because of the mindset that goes with the cut. As you continue your practice please consider tsuki as the beginning point of every cut. The force and emphasis at the beginning of the tsuki waza should be carried through to every aspect of your kendo. Remember also to not worry about missing, this is extremely important. Yes, getting hit by a missed tsuki hurts but it will heal and is not that bad if the aite performs it correctly. See you all next week at practice. Cheers!

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