Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good practice last night. Regretably, Eric had to leave after the class portion and I was late but Joe and Jason kept things moving right along. We worked on uchikomi-men and -kote and debana-men and -kote in addition to kihon. Then our good friend Ken Ichki showed up and after some rounds of jigeiko I lined everybody up and made him fight the whole gang. Last to fight him was Jack Ponchart, and as Jack was going up and we were all shouting "ganbare!" I bellowed, "Jack, if you don't beat him, you're out of the club." So what happened? Jack goes for a terrific men and Ichki let him get it and knock him over and we all laughed. Jack gets to stay in the club.

On the men and kote: what we worked on was striking the men or kote as soon as it was open. Then trying to sense when it would be opened and strike just before motodachi opened it. Then against a resisting motodachi - trying to cut motodachi's men or kote before motodachi can take your men. Good practice and something that requires, of course, more work from everyone.

Countdown to Detroit tournament. Getting excited.

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