Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Practice of the New Year and Red/White Tournament
This year's first practice was a great success with a good re/white tournament as well. For the first time, in a while, white finally took the win. We then proceeded to hold a last man standing competition where you stayed until you lost. This was extremely enjoyable and Joe and his nito held the court beating Ichiki san until he came up against Brian. Now, Brian was in bogu for the first time and we all know how that is and he managed to get a kote on Joe and was up for the king of the court against me where he proceeded to score a big men to win the day. Congratulations to Brain who is our newest champion. As for the rest of practice, we had a good turnout with two more new members starting up. Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully we I will see you all at the party this weekend. If not, next week Kamata sensei from Etobikoke is planning on attending practice with Ichiki san so please plan on coming if possible. A large Detroit practice is also planned for Saturday January 19th at Birmingham Seaholm if you are interested in attending please do so as well. See you all soon. Pictures and Video from the tournament to come shortly, stay tuned. Cheers!

Pic 1- The starting group for the year
Pic 2- Abbey sensei and Ponchart san face off
Pic 3- Brian the first timer and new king fights old champion Ichiki san

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