Thursday, January 15, 2015

Family Tournament

Thank you to everyone that came to the Family tournament. We had a great time practicing and competing with all of the dojos around Michigan. As you can see, Michigan kendo is very strong and continues to get stronger. I wanted to thank all of the people that drove a great distance to attend and the senseis that helped to lead the practice afterwards. If you have any good stories or pictures from the event please do not hesitate to post them here or at the website. Thank you again to everyone that helped set up. The results from the tournament are below.

Sandan and up:

1st: Murakami

2nd: Tani

3rd: Takahashi

3rd: Matsuura


1st: Akamatsu

2nd: Kurita

3rd: Tanabe

3rd: Yamauchi


1st: Brooks

2nd: K. Hwang

3rd: Marsch

3rd: Holmgren


1st: A. Akamatsu

2nd: Arai

3rd: A. Hanaki

3rd: Klar

Junior B:

1st: Hill

2nd: Akamatsu

3rd: Yamauchi

3rd: B. Hwang

Junior A:

1st: Arai

2nd: S. Suzuki

3rd: A. Suzuki

3rd: A. Hanaki


1st: Thompson

2nd: Nagamine

3rd: Carolan

3rd: Sato

Fighting Spirit:

M. Suzuki

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