Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ezaki Comes For a Visit!

Our good friend and mentor Takashi Ezaki-sensei came to visit. As most of you know, we got to know Ezaki-sensei when he was a grad student here at the U of M. He was instrumental in founding the UM club and in mentoring the EMU club. Well, last night he came by to visit old friends, old profs, and of course to practice kendo!

There are a lot more pics out there - a lot more (thanks to all the yudansha who took pics with our various cameras) but I wonder which was more challenging, the hot, sweaty practice - which was also visited by JB of Detroit B (our home boy Jordan Bouchard) and Ichki-san - or the afterparty. See for yourself how Ezaki-sensei tested his fighing spirit on a worthy opponent...

Kampai! More pics to come - we're gonna need a BIG ass Flickr account...

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