Thursday, January 15, 2015

Detroit Taikai and Shinsa

Thank you to everyone from Detroit. Tagawa sensei and crew through another great tournament, test and seminar. The senseis from Japan, Funatsu sensei and Migita Sensei were amazing to watch. I would like to congratulate everyone that passed their shinsa exam this year!! Way to go Jack Ponchart and Stein who each passed Ni-Dan. Also, to everyone from U of M that passed, there are way too many of you. Congrats!! It was awesome to see this year. As for the tournament. Joe Ponchart from U of M kicked the hell out of the san dan division and took third place. Congrats on the nito. Thank you to everyone that helped out and came to the tournament. See you at practice soon. The Family Tournament is slated for May 16 so get ready.

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