Thursday, January 15, 2015

Detroit Kendo Tournament 2009
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Detroit Kendo for hosting another great event. Eastern was again very successful at the tournament. Our individual matches all saw points being gained and wins, including Ichiki san who made it to the final in the nidan division and lost out to our good friend Travis Hill from Battle Creek. The team matches were agian awesome and we should have made it to the court final but lost out to Battle Creek. The first match had us up against a mixed up team consisting of Sugawara sensei and our former member Amy Dawson. The matches were very good and we squeaked through to face Battle Creek. It was another great year that saw Narumoto sensei take the championship again. Thanks to everyone that came out and to our newest member Arif for volunteering. See you all at practice soon. Cheers!

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