Thursday, January 15, 2015

Detroit 2007 after glow

Congratulations to Team Eastern! What a great day for everyone involved with Eastern kendo. First, congratulations to everyone that passed their shinsa. Jack Ponchart is our newest shodan at the age of 14, watch out everyone and Nathan Haley is our newest ikkyu. It was a great way to start the tournament off. After the shinsa, we had a wonderful seminar and practice with Satoru Harada Sensei the All Japan Kendo Tournament Champion of 2005. It was great to be instructed by such a force in kendo. He is truly inspiring. My favorite moments were when he kept stating "back when I was competitive." After the practice it was off to the pub with the folks from Pittsburgh. It was great to meet everyone and the Oatmeal stout wasn't bad either. The tournament was great and as I was shimpan, I was unable to see everyone's matches. Please comment on how you felt during each match if you would like. The team did great again and it was great to hear everyone cheering for us. Our first match was a tough one but we managed to get through to face our down the street rivals, UofM B. Ypsi pride won out on this day and we were then to face Louisville A. The team consisted of great kenshi and we were soon down two points. The we gave up another two and were down by four. In a great comeback, Charlie gained two points for us and it was up to me to tie it. The pressure was on but I felt very confident in my jodan. The first men was solid and now we only needed one point to force the tiebreak. Hajime was called and I went for a men morote kote and scored the ippon. It was a great feeling to come back with that ippon. The tiebreak was ippon shobu and I was up against Sakagawa sensei. His hiki do strike rang out throughout the shiajo and we had lost. It was a great tournament and it was very nice to see all of the people that came in support. Thanks to everyone for participating and making Eastern Kendo shine in the eyes of our fellow kenshi. Kampai!

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