Thursday, January 15, 2015

Couple of Quick Updates, Practice and Detroit Tournament
Guys, just a couple of quick updates. I also sent this out as an email. Let me know if you're noy getting emails from me: charliekondek at yahoo dot com

Practice Location

If practice is not in the usual room, we will be next door in the IM building, either in the utility gym (second floor) or one of the racquetball courts. Sorry about that, it's due to a temporary scheduling snafu and will not go on past February. Until then, we may have to move our room. More on that to come.

Detroit Tournament

By now, you should have the forms you need to enter the tournament. We also have to update our yearly dues, which will probably be around $60, to participate. The yearly fdues orms have not yet been made available, but as soon as they are, I will email everyone and we will organize getting our dues paid at practice. We have to give one big check to the federation for dues, so please see Abbey-sensei or myself with any questions.

Also, we still need volunteers for the Detroit tournament (non competitors). This is an excellent, fun way for new people to get to know kendo. You don't have to know a thing about running a court, just show up, get assigned to a court, and do what they tell you. It's fun, and they'll feed you. Please let me know if you're interesting in volunteering; it can be very helpful and inspiring to a beginner and earn you big points with the teachers!

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