Thursday, January 15, 2015

Club Updates for Week of 4/28/08
Hey, guys. Missed you at The Tower last night after practice but we'll get the chance to have some brews again soon. Just a quick couple of updates for the club.

-There is no practice on 4/29 due to spring semester break at EMU. I am going to try to go to Detroit that Thursday for their practice. If anyone can join me, let me know!

-UM's first practice of the Spring/Summer semester is Saturday morning, 5/3. I am going. Who will join me - maybe coffee and juice at Dom Bakery and then we'll all roll over to UM together? Lemme know!

As I have often said, UM is our sister club and we should all try to practice there as often as possible, especially at milestone practices - first and last practice of the semester or new year, someone from the club leaving to return to Japan (keep watching this space) etc.

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