Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cleveland Recap
Congratulations to Grand Rapids/Battle Creek on their Championship win over JCCC! What a great day for Michigan kendo. It was an overall wonderful tournament, and much shorter this year. Congratulations to everyone who competed. Please relay your experience as a comment. From what I know, Nathan had his first win and John Ellison had multiple victories during the mudansha division. Jack fought hard throughout the day in multiple divisions and earned a lot of respect from the surrounding sensei's. Our team was lucky enough to fight with Hajime Sugawara sensei who has been a good friend to me for a long time. We had a great first match against Purdue and then faced Shidogakuin DC and went down on points. Everyone fought extremely hard and Eastern Kendo shone throughout the day. Thanks to everyone that came down and we will see everyone at the Family tournament. If you have any pictures or comments please feel free to add. Cheers!

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