Thursday, January 15, 2015

Behold the Power of Tenouchi

See that purply splotch on my arm? That is a bruise from a blow to the kote. This either came from Abbey-sensei or our good friend Jordan "the Soviet" Bouchard. I'm pretty sure it was from Abbey-sensei when we were doing the kaeshi and nuki drills.

In those drills, recall, Abbey-sensei was emphasizing tenouchi - grip, snap - to make ippon. It's not enough to just cut, but to cut with tenouchi and zanshin. I think this one was from one of those exchanges, and it hit me right through a spot covered by kote, and it did so because of Abbey's tenouchi.

Am I saying we need to be leaving bruises on our opponents? Well, yes, if that opponent breaks in to our dojo waving a Soviet flag (kidding!). No, what I'm really saying is this simply demonstrates tenouchi in an illustrative way.

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