Thursday, January 15, 2015

At last night's practice Kamata sensei from Etobicoke came by and had a great practice with us. I hope that you got a chance to practice with him because he only comes down here occasionally and he is an outstanding kendoist. We continued to work on hitting from the tanden and did a little drill that I used to do to develop taiatari. Please keep in mind what we were working on, i.e. if you just strike men and go through the same way every time, your taiatari should be strong and effective. This is a difficult thing but if you work on it it will improve all of your kendo. Also, if you did not notice with Kamata sensei, his posture is extremely straight and his kendo comes at you much faster because of it. We all, myself included, need to work on this type of kendo. It is summertime so be sure to concentrate on working hard on one thing to improve on in the heat. See you next practice. Cheers!

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