Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alright everyone, it's time to focus and get your thoughts together for the Detroit taikai. Less than a week away. Here are some things for you to consider, along with some issues that Eastern Kendo will be focusing on. First things first, remember our focus this year on strength, compassion and honor. Also, be sure to "leave everything on the floor." If you follow this I can not ask anything else of you and you should feel successful at the tournament regardless of the outcome. As for me, I always try to focus on one waza and really strengthen it for the tournament. The waza for this tournament you will see on sunday. Jodan is pretty limited but I have been working on some newer waza and will try to use them in the tournament. As for the teams, this is always the most difficult decision for me but every team that consisits of an Eastern kendoka is representing Eastern Kendo so please be sure that, even if you are not with the "A" team, to do your best kendo and go for the win. Shiai is different from practice and the team matches are different from the individual ones. If you need clarification please discuss this with a sempai. Anyway, the progress of Eastern Kendo has come so far that I hope we can continue to progress in our own kendo. Use strength, compassion and honor and Leave it all on the floor! Gambatte!!!!!!! See you there. Cheers!

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