Thursday, January 15, 2015

9th Annual Michigan Family Tournament
Thank you very much to everyone that participated this year. The results are below.
Non-Bogu: 1st: Wesserling 2nd: Baker 3rd: Kondek 3rd: Brynne

Youth: 1st: Phillips 2nd: Sakuma 3rd: Aki 3rd: Kameyama

Mudansha: 1st: Renardy 2nd: Chen 3rd: Phillips 3rd: Stevens

Women: 1st: Aki T. 2nd: Mishina 3rd: Fujisaki 3rd: Aki A.

Sho/Ni Dan: 1st: Minowa 2nd: Chen 3rd: Ha 3rd: Tagawa

San dan and up: 1st: Hill 2nd:Matsuura 3rd: Yoshida 3rd: Inoue

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