Thursday, January 15, 2015

22nd Midwest Championship
Hello Everyone, Below is the first information on this year's taikai. More will follow.

Hello and Greetings to everyone,

This is Eric Abbey from the Eastern Kendo Club at Eastern Michigan University. On behalf of the club and the Midwest Kendo Federation we are happy to announce the dates for this year's annual tournament. The full information packet will be sent shortly and any updates can be found at the below website. All emails were gathered from the Midwest Kendo Dojo Contact list so if this is not the right person to have this information please respond with the correct address. We look forward to seeing everyone this year and hope that summer camp goes extremely well. Have a great day.

Midwest Board Meeting- October 8, 2010

Midwest Tournament - October 9, 2010

Midwest Testing - October 10, 2010

The location for the Board Meeting is to be determined.

The Tournament and Test will take place on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI

More information will follow.


Eric Abbey

Eastern Kendo Club

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