Thursday, January 15, 2015

2008 Family Tournament
Thank you to all of the competitors and volunteers that made this year's tournament the most successful yet. It was a great turnout with a great practice afterward as well. The banquet was not bad either. Eastern did extremely well by placing in Sandan and up and Shodan/Nidan. Congratulations to Fukuma sesnei for placing 2nd in the Sandan and up division, Jack Ponchart for placing third in the Shodan/Nidan divison, and myself, I was lucky enough to place third in the Sandan and up divison. Hopefully everyone had a great time and learned something about their kendo. The Michigan family gets better and better every year. See you soon. Results are below.

Non Bogu:

1st- Mangus
2nd- Tamai
3rd- Terasawa
3rd- S. Suzuki


1st- Motta
2nd- Trusevich
3rd- Noonan
3rd- Hsu


1st- Mishina
2nd- Arai
3rd- Dawson
3rd- Hadano


1st- Hill
2nd- Chaffin
3rd- Holmgren
3rd- Ponchart

Sandan and up:

1st- Murakami
2nd- Fukuma
3rd- Abbey
3rd- Yoshida

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