Thursday, January 15, 2015

14th World Kendo Championships Results
By Charlie

Guys, the results of the 14th WKC have been known for a few days but details on them are still emerging. You can see a snapshot of them here. Thanks Neil Gendzwil-sensei! All these matches are important but I'll just paste the men's team results here because this was such a story at the last WKC.

1st Place: JAPAN (JPN 1 - Ryoichi Uchimura; JPN 2 - Daiki Kiwada; JPN 3 - Kenji Shodai; JPN 4 - Sussumu Takanabe; JPN 5 - Shoji Teramoto; JPN 8 - Tadaomi Hojo; JPN 9 - Shinsuke Matsuwaki)
2nd Place: USA
(USA 1 - Christopher Yang; USA 2 - Daniel Yang; USA 3 - Marvin Kawabata; USA 4 - Brandon Harada; USA 5 - Sandy Maruyama; USA 6 - Kevin Huh; USA 7 - Simon Yoo)
3rd Place: BRAZIL
(BRA 1 - Jogi Sato; BRA 2 - Julio Kenji Toida; BRA 3 - Ernesto Eisaku Onaka; BRA 4 - Vitor Zen Moreno Tachibana; BRA 5 - Coichi Urano; BRA 6 - Heiji Kariya; BRA 7 - Alberto Massumi Takayama)
3rd Place: Korea
(KOR 1 - Sung-Hong Jang; KOR 2 - Kang-Ho Lee; KOR 4 - Du-Hwan Baek; KOR 5 - Wan-Soo Kim; KOR 7 - Yong-Chul Kim; KOR 9 - Chul-Kyu Choi; KOR 10 - Jin-Yong Jo)

So it was Japan and Korea for one side of the final and USA vs. Brazil for the other. According to the news coming in at Kendo World, this is how it went down:

Japan beats Korea 2-1-2
USA beats Brazil 4-1-0
Japan beats USA 4-1.

KW's Michael Komoto said the nail biter match of the day was Japan and Korea for the tie-breaker. Videos starting to appear at Kendo World's YouTube channel here.

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