Thursday, January 15, 2015

10th Annual Michigan Family Tournament
Below are the results for this year's tournament.  Thank you to eveyrone that came out and helped in making this a great 10th year event.  Special thanks to Matsuura sensei for his guidance and donation of the Women's cup and to Tagawa sensei for leading the family.  See you sonn at the dojo.


1st: Ogita
2nd: Matsuura
3rd: Kondek


1st: Sherrod
2nd: Sakuma
3rd: Wesserling
3rd: Kameyama Aoi


1st: Sherrod
2nd: Miller
3rd: Sakuma
3rd: Ledebuhr

Sho-Ni Dan:

1st: Chen
2nd: Renardy
3rd: Engling
3rd: Phillips

San dan and above:

1st: Hill
2nd: Matsuura
3rd: Kim
3rd: Thompson

Again, thank you to everyone that came and we cannot wait till next year. 

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